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Buy Exterior Wood Stain and Varnish

Wood Stains protect surfaces by soaking into the wood, whilst Varnishes Stay of the surface providing a layer of protection for the wood underneath. Both offer the option to change the colour of the wood, this can be used to give effects such as Dark Oak,  Antique Pine, Teak etc. Stains and Varnish differ from wood paint because they bring out the beauty of the wood grain instead of covering it.


We sell a variety of paints, from part used containers to brand new containers. All of our paint is checked regularly to ensure it is perfectly good for use, even if the containers tell a different story.

Many of our paints are custom mixed by paint retailers for customers; this makes them difficult to identify. The colour of the paint is on the lid. Please use your own discretion when choosing paint, viewing all available images before making a decision.

When browsing, please take into consideration that some of our containers are part-used. For transparency, all containers are marked on the lid with the approximate amount left in the tin. 

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