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What does 'Exaireo' mean?

The word Exaireo (ἐξαιρέω) is a Greek word meaning:

- To rescue, deliver.

- To pluck out, draw out, i.e. root out.

Source: (www.biblestudytools.com)



Exaireo Reuse Project's History:

The Exaireo Reuse Project was started in 2016 after the Midlands based homeless charity 'The Exaireo Trust' recognised a need for a work project that would provide work skills for residents living in their supported accommodation, whilst preparing them for a life outside of homelessness and Exaireo.

Together 'The Exaireo Reuse Project' and 'The Exaireo Trust' aim to provide our residents with the following:

The Exaireo Trust and Exaireo Reuse Project Goals


Click Here to learn more about 'Exaireo Trust'.



 Today Exaireo Reuse offers following services:

 Upcycled Furniture Set

1. Furniture:

The Reuse Project offers a large selection of solid wood furniture available to purchase 'as is' in our store or upcycled using our bespoke in-house Upcycling Service that not only provides great, long-lasting results, but also empowers and educates our residents in the process.

The Bespoke Upcycling Service is available for items you already own and for items purchased from our shop. Click here to contact us for a quote.





Paint text using cans

2. Paint:

Every year 50 Million litres of paint goes to landfill, 50% of which is perfectly usable. (Source: www.communityrepaint.org.uk)

Exaireo Reuse Project partners with the Community RePaint Network, which is sponsored by Dulux.

Exaireo Reuse offers a variety of 'New' and 'Part Used' branded paints at unbeatable prices including:

  • Dulux Trade
  • Crown Trade
  • Johnstones
  • Leyland Trade
  • Valspar

And many more...

Prices are no more than £2.50 per litre, allowing you to paint your home with top quality paint on a tiny budget.

To browse our available paint click here.





Hammer and Pallet Wood

3. The Pallet Project:

'The Pallet Project' is our newest project, every year 56 million pallets go to landfill. Our aim is to offer a range of products created by our residents using old pallets donated by local business.


There are 4 key areas that benefit from the Exaireo Reuse Project.


1. The Homeless

Alongside the social and psychological benefits of working as a team, our residents also learn usable skills including; upcycling, woodwork, paint management and experience in a retail environment.

 All our residents who get involved with the project leave with certificates, demonstrating knowledge of a wide range of tools and machinery. This not only builds confidence, but also increases employability. 

2. The Environment:

By recycling and reusing items we can drastically lower the amount of waste that we send to landfill. This prepares a sustainable future for generations to come.

3. The Customer:

By selling top quality items at an affordable price, customers can create a home without breaking the bank.

4. Local Businesses:

Small local businesses often have to pay substantial fees to dispose of used paint and pallets. By donating them to us, they save valuable money that can be used to develop other areas of their business.




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