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Which paint is best for me?

When buying paint it is important you buy the correct type of paint for the context in which it is being used. Buying cheap alternatives instead to well known brands, puts you at risk of your paint scraping, stripping or even wiping off. 

Painted Wall

At Exaireo Reuse we sell top brands that guarantee great results. In addition to this, if you have any issues with paint purchased from us, we will offer you full a refund or a replacement product, upon the return of the faulty product.

 Here are 4 quick and simple questions to help you get started finding the perfect paint for your needs!


1. Interior or Exterior?

Knowing whether the paint in going inside or outside is an important part of buying paint; if it is outside you will need to make sure your paint is tough enough to survive the elements. All paints will be segregated into either exterior or interior, to give you confidence that it is the right paint for your needs.

 Which Paint do I need Table

2. What is the paint being used on?

The next step is choosing the correct paint for the material it is used on.

Here is a basic guide to start you in the right direction:


 3. Is the painted surface in a high traffic area?

If the painted surface is going to be brushed against or bashed, we would suggest making sure you purchase harder wearing paint. 

For interior walls and ceilings look for 'Vinyl Matt', as this is wipeable and if you need an especially hardwearing paint, look for 'Dulux Trade Diamond' which is classed as scrubbable, perfect for households with mucky pets or crayon wielding toddlers.

For wood and metal Gloss, Satin and Eggshell are all hard wearing and wipeable.


4. What has been used on the surface previously?

If the surface has been painted previously, it is important that we adequately prepare the surface to best receive the new coat of paint. A well prepared surface will have greater, longer lasting results than an unprepared surface.

For Walls you may need to:

- Fill damaged areas,
- Sand uneven areas to provide a smooth consistent surface,
- Strip off old wallpaper paper
- Wash the surface to remove extra dust and etc.

For doors, windows and other trim:

- 'Keying' a previously painted surface paint is a key process in preparing, this simply means lightly sanding the surface to provide a rough surface for the paint to bind to.
- Wipe down the surface with a damp cloth, after sanding and before repainting, to remove any dust or dirt.
- Only paint when the surface is dry.

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